About Katie

Fun. Trippy. Bright. Bold.

“I keep it bold, colorful, and exciting. My paintings are based on the energy I feel from life’s precious moments. I enjoy exploring the beauty of both good and bad times as a way to express my view upon the world. My passion for snowboarding has lead me to fall back in love with art and find my style. Each painting is random. Starting with one line to the next I focus on the energy of what I’m feeling instead of what is on the canvas. It is exciting and a great surprise when I finish a painting because it never ends up how I thought it would. I’m not exactly sure how it comes together in the end. This is what drives me to keep painting.”

The Brand

Katie Cleveland Art is built on the idea that art should be with you, wherever you go. It is an intuitive art form that brings you on a journey. 

Art in Motion

Katie Cleveland Art is art in motion that can go with you on your next adventure. Our product line gives you a new perspective on how art can be used in your everyday life, allowing you to express your own individuality. 

Life is art & Art is life.

It’s about eliminating the noise from your life and stepping into your inner child to experience the magical world of creativity.