Katie Cleveland Art is built on the idea that art should be with you, wherever you go. It is an intuitive art form that brings you on a journey.   Our product line gives you a new perspective on how art can be used in your ever day life, allowing you to express your own individuality. It’s about eliminating the noise from your life and stepping into your inner child to experience the magical world 0f creativity. Katie Cleveland Art is art in motion that can be with you in your everyday life.


Art face mask 

This art face mask is technically for snowboarding but is so lightweight and breathable it is perfect to wear out in public during this pandemic. Made with love from Jackson Hole, WY when you buy from Avalon7 you support a small business in the process. This bright blue rose and vibrant orange flames represents chasing you’re passion no matter how much it might burn.  

Yoga Mats

This collection trippy yoga mats are the perfect addition to your yoga practice. Our yoga mats are lightweight, yet durable. Just toss it over your shoulder with the handy carrying strap and you’re on your way. With so many colorful designs to choose from, you’re sure to find one that will have everyone in your studio’s head turning.


This collection of bright colored leggings are great for lounging, festival wear, hiking, and getting your yoga on.

Art Prints

Art prints are available in several different options. You can choose from framed prints, canvas, and much more.  Contact us with help on selecting the best option. 

Fine Art Paintings


I am an energy artist where I release my emotions onto the canvas. I never plan my paintings. I start with one line to the next line without any idea of how it will turn out. It’s always been a great colorful surprise and this is what drives me to keep painting.

YouTube Art Classes

 Learn how to destress and release intention in these meditative drawing classes.  New classes will be added over the coming weeks so stay tuned for more! 

Art Blog


Creating Energy Artwork

Energy Artwork and why you should try it. Energy artwork is about pouring your emotions onto the canvas, piece of paper or whatever medium you choose. This type of painting doesn’t have any boundaries, it’s about leading with your emotions to define the brushstrokes. ...

How it started

The story of Katie Cleveland Art How Katie Cleveland Art began. Do you have moments in your life that are truly simple in nature, but stick out so early in your mind? Well, this is how my art started.  I was working in a bike shop one day, standing at the retail...