Art That Goes With You

Katie Cleveland Art is built on the idea that art should be with you, wherever you go. Our colorful product line gives you a new perspective on how art can be used in your everyday life. We create colorful activewear, yoga mats, and accessories from handcrafted paintings. 


Clothes that make you feel Happy

Do you like trippy colorful art? So do we. We create colorful art activewear that makes you feel good. It’s important to wear clothes that make you feel like you. It’s happy clothes for those that want to feel colorful.

colorful yoga apparel


Products you can feel good about

Our colorful yoga mats & activewear are made from high-quality recycled materials. For every garment you buy, we plant one tree. Together we can take a stand against fast fashion.


Protect Your Mother

We consider mother earth in every step of the process when creating our apparel line. Our manufacturing facility is a Gold Certified Green Business facility for 100% of our production. This means the manufacturing facility meets high standards for both environmental and social impacts.

colorful yoga apparel
trippy colorful art

Trippy Colorful Art

“I try to keep it trippy, colorful, and exciting. My paintings are based on the energy I feel from life’s precious moments. My passion for snowboarding has lead me to fall back in love with art and find my style. Each painting tells a colorful abstract story. Sometimes it’s a release of an emotion or a fun adventure of travel. Dramatic line work, shape, & color is what makes my world go round.” -Katie 

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