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Katie Cleveland Art is built on the idea that art should be with you, wherever you go. It is an intuitive art form that brings you on a journey. Our product line gives you a new perspective on how art can be used in your everyday life.




Colorful Yoga Crop Tops

Unique colorful crop tops made from recycled plastic. It’s fashion you can feel good about. The name of each colorful crop top is the name of the abstract painting it was created from. For each item sold we plant a tree to help fight against climate change. Click below to see the whole line of vibrant art tops. 

colorful yoga apparel



Colorful Yoga Leggings

For every colorful yoga crop top we make there is a crazy pattern legging that goes with it! Wear these vibrant yoga outfits on the days you want to feel filled with color 🙂 This buttery soft and compression fabric will make you feel supported as you move throughout your day. 

Featured Products

colorful art yoga mat

Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

These high-quality yoga mats were created in collaboration with Big Raven Yoga, and are the most legit mats on the market! Superior softness, super grippy, and thick (4.5mm) for the best support during your practice. 

“I am an energy artist where I release my emotions onto the canvas. I never plan my paintings. I start with one line to the next line without any idea of how it will turn out. It’s always been a great colorful surprise and this is what drives me to keep painting.” -Katie

Art Prints

Beautiful abstract paintings that will lighten up any room. If you’re in need of a colorful focal point for a room in your home these beautiful art prints are the perfect fit. You can choose from framed prints, canvas, and much more.  Contact us with help on selecting the best option. 

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