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Eco-friendly Yoga Leggings

Bright Colored yoga leggings that are luxuriously soft and comfy during any activity. Move through your practice with these bright beauties on and feel supported as your move.

colorful yoga clothes

Yoga Mats

Colorful yoga mats designed from a collection of vibrant paintings. These eco-friendly yoga mats display a variety of bold colors. The title of each yoga mat originates from the original painting.

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Creating Energy Artwork

Creating Energy Artwork

Energy Artwork and why you should try it. Energy artwork is about pouring your emotions onto the canvas, piece of paper or whatever medium you choose. This type of painting doesn’t have any boundaries, it’s about leading with your emotions to define the brushstrokes. ...

How it started

How it started

  The story of Katie Cleveland Art   Do you have moments in your life that are truly simple in nature, but stick out so clearly in your mind? Well, this is how my art started.  I was working in a bike shop one day, standing at the retail counter, when I had...