Eco-Friendly Apparel Line Sheet

Art that Goes with you

We create colorful eco-friendly activewear designed from a collection of fine-art paintings. This one-of-a-kind apparel is made from a premium recycled fabric that contains between 84-92% recycled plastic waste. Combine your love of the planet with the freedom of artistic expression into what we call “Art that goes with you.”

Eco- Friendly Crop tops

Let Go Crop Top

Sunlight Crop Top

Poppy Crop Top

Lifeforce Crop Top

Inner Freedom Crop Top

Soulful Crop Top

Mountain Love Crop Top

Twisted Energy Crop Top

Eco- Friendly Leggings

Let Go Legging

Sunlight Legging

Poppy Legging

Lifeforce Legging

Inner Freedom Legging

Soulful Legging

Twisted Energy Crop Top

Mountain Love Crop Top