Energy Artwork and why you should try it.

Energy artwork is about pouring your emotions onto the canvas, piece of paper or whatever medium you choose. This type of painting doesn’t have any boundaries, it’s about leading with your emotions to define the brushstrokes.  It’s an intuitive art where you connect with your higher self to explore the possibilities of creativity and art.  Energy painting is about tapping into a meditative like state during this process.

Step 1: Picking Colors

To begin you’ll want to pick out colors that best represent how you feel.  Use colors that you feel connected to or like. The meanings of colors can mean something different for everyone depending on your life experience, so go with your first inclination about what colors to use. Once the colors are picked out and you’re ready to start, focus on one brushstroke at a time.

Step 2: Focus on your intentions

As you go from one brushstroke to the next hold your intention within your heart as you make your way through the painting.  The idea is to train your mind to let go and enjoy the moment of creating. Release your thoughts of, “how should this look?” or “what if this looks like shit when I am done?” Thoughts like this will inevitably pop up but the trick is to separate yourself from it.

Step 3: Experiment & let loose!

Experiment and try a variety of different line weights, circles, or any complex shapes you feel inclined to draw. For me, this type of intuitive art gives me the opportunity to express my inner emotions to make sense of what is going on internally.  It’s so fulfilling to look at it after you’re done to see how you feel. Everything about how we feel cannot be seen, energy painting bridges the gap to actually see how you feel.   It may feel awkward and foreign to you when you first start this process but keep going with it. Forget about how it will turn out so your intention can take form. You’ll be surprised by what you can create, and it doesn’t matter if you have never painted before, this is for everyone to tap into. Energy painting is like a journal entry of your emotions that only you can read.    

Photo by Denise Johnson on Unsplash