Art Face masks

Our multiuse, machine-washable art face masks feature bright and colorful designs from a collection of fine art paintings. The pleated front expands to snugly cover your mouth while the flat woven elastic loops comfortably fit behind your ears. Dual-layer construction allows for an easily accessible inner pocket to insert your own disposable filters. Plus, a portion of all proceeds will be donated to help the COVID-19 recovery effort.

Colorplay Art Face Mask

This colorful art face mask has pink, purple, blue, and green colors mix throughout. This vibrant pattern represents the play of colors from all over the color wheel. It’s all about playing with color. 

Crossroads Art Face Mask

You’ll be covered in pretty pinks and purples in the beautiful abstract mask. The intention of this painting was about feeling stuck at a crossroad in life. The linework represents all the stress & chaos. 

Drippy Trees Art Face Mask

The Drippy Trees face mask is a colorful mask with beautiful brushstrokes of brown and blue.  It’s a unique pattern embracing elements of water and tree roots in a vibrant colorful way. 

Mountain Love  Art Face Mask

They say going to the mountains is like going home. For this colorful artist, this rings true. Mountain Love, the painting used to create this face mask is about moving across the country to find a home sweet home in the mountains. Abstract shapes are mixed together with the depiction of mountains and flames. Beautiful blue, red, yellow, and black colors are seen throughout the design.

 Twisted Energy  Face Mask

Black, purple, and blue colors are intertwined throughout this abstract face mask.  The design was created from a fine art painting called Twisted Energy. The intention for this painting is about trying to turn your day around but constantly hitting roadblocks. The purple/blue colors represent your spirit trying to break through and the black represents the stress of the day.

SoCal Love Art Face Mask

Inspired by an adventure to Southern California. The crash of the waves against the coast and the vibrant colored roses that surround the area was brought to life in this painting called SoCal Love.  Blue line work represents the energy of the ocean and the peace that follows by the crashing of waves. A vibrant yellow rose takes center stage to draw you inward and admire it’s beauty.

SoulFul Colors Face Mask

If you painted your soul, what would it look like? Have you ever thought of the colors it might be? Well for Katie, it’s all these gorgeous colors. This rainbow-like mask is a combination of traditional & digital art. Beautiful hot pinks, purples, blues, greens, and neon- yellow wrap around this pretty little mask. 

Rainbow Fire  Art Face Mask

This purple patterned delight is a mixture of traditional & digital art. The original painting is called Rainbow Fire. The concept is about mixing campfire flames with the colors of the rainbow. The painting is then manipulated in photoshop to create this unique pattern. Beautiful purple, green, black, and blue colors are used to create this show-stopping mask. 

RockFetti Art Face Mask

This girly hot pink and abstract face mask design is a combination of two gouache paintings combined together in photoshop. The paintings Confetti and Punk Rock work together to create this trippy art face mask.  Beautiful hot pink and black organic shapes give a look similar to looking through a kaleidoscope.

Nature Art Face Mask

This earthy face mask design was inspired by a summer living on a ranch in Colorado. Green and black organic shapes depict shapes seen in nature. The movement of a stream and the forest that surrounds the ranch played a major role in the creation of this painting. 

Life Force Art Face Mask

Vibrant colors of reddish-orange and dark blue abstract shapes make this face mask easy to standout. Lifeforce is the title of the painting used to create this art face mask. It’s about the life force that is within us and the energy that connects all. Vivid brushstrokes are used to communicate a sense of power. 

Electric Water Art Face Mask

If water was electric this is what it would look like. This is a beautiful neon yellow and dark blue art face mask illustrating bold line work and colors. It’s for those that like to stand out.  The painting used to create this design is called Electric Water and tells a vibrant color story of mixing electricity with water.