Art Leggings

A line of vibrant, colored activewear leggings. Each art legging was created from abstract painting by Katie Cleveland. These versatile leggings are great for lounging, festival wear and getting your yoga on.

Soulful Colors Art Legging

A colorful legging based on the Soulful Colors painting. Beautiful bright colors of hot pink, purple, bright green, yellow, and blue on this vibrant art legging.  The painting is based on what my soul would look like if it were painted.

Twisted Energy Art Legging

A bold colorful art legging based on the painting, Twisted Energy. This painting is about when the day isn't going right but you try to make the most of it. The black represents the drama and the bright blues are the colors of your beautiful soul 🙂

Crossroads Art Legging

These lively colored leggings display pretty hues of red, pink and purple. The painting represents the struggle of being at a crossroad in life.

Drippy Trees Art Legging

Colorful art legging with bright blues and brown colors. Based on the abstract painting Drippy Trees that combines elements of a tree root structure & water.

Rainbow Fire Art Legging

Bright colors are used to depict the essence of a colorful camp fire. This colorful legging art has bright colors of green, purple, black and blue.

Lifeforce Art Legging

Conveying the power of our life force with a vivid color contrast between yellow, bright orange and dark blue colors. The bold line work creates a sense of strength and power in this vibrant art legging.

Mountain Love Art Legging

Life is better in the mountains. This mountain print legging has rich colors of blue, yellow, black, red & white. The original painting portrays a story of a journey to the Colorado Rocky Mountains to find adventure and love.

SoCal Love Art Leggings

This colorful legging has vibrant colors of indigo, yellow and orange. The essence of Southern California is captured by the depiction of  the ocean and a rose. The detailed blue & white lines represents the movement of waves.