Stress Relief Art Classes

Below are a collection of Youtube art classes for all skill levels to participate in! These easy art classes are a great way to relieve stress.

Meditative Drawing on 
Embracing Inner Freedom

This a meditative drawing class focused on embracing inner freedom. The format for this online art class will be to draw a freedom affirmation for the first part of the class and then the second part will be drawing or paint inner freedom.

Meditative Art Class to
Release Grief

Are you struggling with grief and looking for a way to release some tension? This class is a great way to help process your grief in an art form. This technique is also known as meditative drawing with a focus on releasing grief.

Art Class On How to Release
Stress & Anxiety

This is a digital art class on how to release your stress in the form of a painting or drawing. I will show you how to go into a meditative like state to release your stress. You can use any art supplies you have lying around the house to participate. All skill levels welcome and you don’t have to be an artist to participate.